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Dear quantum gravity enthusiasts, hello again! It is a bit tricky to put maths here with only an ipad, but we will give it a go. Hopefully someone will find Graham for me soon, and we can get working again.

Of course, I am well aware that an entire hostile internet will try to prevent anything good happening, but we can try. And don’t assume that I know what crimes you might think I am guilty of, whatever they are, because I don’t actually know, because stalkers are not great truth tellers. Anyway, it is a beautiful, sunny spring day here! The dawn chorus is loud and cheerful every day. 

And it seems that the NO local dark matter hypothesis has won out with experimentalists, at least as far as I can tell (and I cannot see much from my precarious vantage point). Which means that supersymmetry simply must have something to do with baryonic matter. Phew. At least that’s settled. Fun! Does that make me officially a string theorist? Well, if they have given up zombies and are now keen on entanglement entropy, then yes, I suppose so, in that sense I always was, as some of you well know. 

Wait, no. Not really. 

How it’s done 3

The internet is a remarkable tool for stalkers. For the last ten years or so, pretty much nobody on the planet has had a secure email account or computer. Witches found this out the hard way.

The active control of email accounts takes a while to discern, because denial sets in at the start. It is too difficult for the mind to contemplate something so terrible. You go along with the idea that some emails go missing, and that is all, until the real evidence rushes down like an avalanche, burying everything in its path. Yes, emails go missing. But other emails get altered, or come from some very dubious source. We all know that, right? But hacker stalkers have an advantage: your entire life’s history and private details are known to them. They can pretend to be your brother or your colleague or an employer. Only after years of increasing hostility does the witch come to understand the full extent of the manipulation. And then the emails start to rub it in. By this point, nobody will believe anything the witch says, and the persecutors lose their fear of being caught.

Institutions don’t help. A certain university near here used eight digit passwords until recently. Not that passwords make any difference. And if a witch complains that she is having very serious problems with the university computers, the academics will laugh at her for being a stupid, whiny bitch. Of course, some of these academics must know exactly how witch burning works, because they are very good at it. And it succeeds, so long as nobody ever takes the witch seriously.

But one day soon they will. And the witch will not be the one crying for blood. There will be plenty of others to do that. 

Dear Graham

I hope you remain well. It’s a messy business, getting a sick brain working again under rather dreadful circumstances. Yesterday I finally found the courage to look at my 2013 work again, and discovered that most of the ideas behind quantum inertia were there already. But nothing has been published yet (by me anyway). So I will keep trying with the latest paper, although now I see that it could still do with much improvement.

How it’s done 2

A second post in our series on modern witch burning techniques. I would have written about all this earlier, blabber mouth that I am, but my brain was not working and I could not physically do it. 

Today’s note is not about isolation, although that is a key feature of abuse, but rather about the constant bombardment of attention, albeit not of a desirable kind. You see, in order to prevent the witch from working effectively, she must be physically prevented from doing so. Especially if she was working on the kind of ground breaking research that only dudes and their friends are allowed to do. So how is it done? Very simple. The witch is tortured.

Not the physical, nail pulling kind of torture that might get noticed, except for the 24 hour sleep deprivation, which counts as physical torture. No, the kind that will almost certainly drive the witch insane, using psychological methods, including thought policing, enforced  poverty, enslavement, punishment, libel, manipulation, power abuse and more.

These methods are very effective at killing witches, but you will not hear much about it in the news, because Dude Planet thinks it’s a great idea to keep the slaves sweeping the floor with their heads down. Look at all those people who vote for misogynist racist imbeciles.

Can it change? I would like to think so. But it is not up to me anymore. You have to do something. You have to, at the very least, figure out the truth about the Beast. It’s right there before your eyes. 

How it’s done

This is the first in a series of posts on the methodology of witch burning on the internet. Let us start with the procedures used to erase women and other undesirables from research communities.

First of all, someone keeps an eye on the witch at all times. This is a sophisticated operation, because this chief stalker must prevent an arbitrary number of other potential stalkers from interfering. Because the primary aim is to convince the witch that nobody could ever possibly care, it is necessary to control web traffic to any site connected with the work in question. Once this is achieved, the witch will probably be half dead already, but until she is actually dead the head stalker must screen all work that she produces to make sure that any original ideas are claimed by a suitable man. Seriously. This is what happens. There can only be one chosen dude for each paper, to avoid suspicion that might arise if there is a rush to grab some particular idea. So again, the web traffic must be carefully controlled.

By the time the witch figures all this out, she is suffering from paranoia, depression, anxiety, malnutrition and much else. The stress will certainly kill her at some point. She can see quite clearly that nobody ever cites her work, but is never given any explanation as to how this could possibly be ethical academic practice. She cannot see what people are saying behind her back, so she suspects that people are generally irritated by insanity, or encouraged to abuse her for it. The stalker works very hard to keep the witch in the dark: controlling email accounts, posting bad papers onto research forums under her name, using her identity in many other ways, and physically preventing people from helping her. For years. For decades. After a while, she tries to get the attention of the authorities, only to find out that this is the standard method of oppression and that governments are quite fond of it. 

The CKM and PMNS matrices

It turns out that, for a few years now, Koide et al have been working on a quark lepton complementarity that can recover the CKM matrix accurately, along with all masses and neutrino mixing phases, with only six parameters. But we can probably do better with the Brannen QG phase ansatz, as noted in the new paper. Of course the neutrino and mirror neutrino angles were always close to two of the CKM angles, but I’m not sure if I ever pointed that out before. 

Koide & Nishiura


Verlinde on Emergence

Verlinde has an interesting paper on Emergent Gravity, based on his entropic force ideas. It gives an excellent argument against dark matter, again using the two scale approach, where galactic dynamics uses different aspects of the theory to large scale structure. He includes a derivation of the ratio of apparent dark matter to baryonic matter, which is really cool. 

A comparison of dS and AdS metrics is pivotal here, where the dS space encodes information non locally, since it has no obvious boundary (but an horizon) to define the usual CFT. 

emergent gravity

Tips for Targets

  1. Complain as much as possible. This will be difficult at first, with people constantly screaming at you for being evil, stupid, sick or whatever. But its important to create a line of witnesses, so that people eventually get it. Whatever they say, complain loudly, and show them the physical evidence if it is available. But don’t expect a positive response. Not ever. Hope will really wear you down.
  2. Be good at self defence. Chances are nobody will attack, because the beasts want everyone to think you’re not worth it, but be ready for the onslaught of potentially violent harassment. This can be difficult when you are forced into homelessness, but it is not your biggest worry.
  3. Insomnia causes brain damage, and it is being done to you deliberately. When your memory starts failing, stick to strictly habitual behaviours. Otherwise you will lose things, and of course you cannot afford to replace them.
  4. The government is your worst enemy. It’s not like they don’t know this abuse is going on. They condone it and support it, because you are supposed to be the enemy. Never forget this. That way you will be much less frustrated when they attempt to literally murder you via starvation or medical interference. 
  5. You can win. Well, maybe not your own life, but at least a battle or two. They are more afraid of you than you are of them. Yes, really, even though there are millions of them. Because the average person will be very, very angry with them when they find out what is going on.

Mirror Matter 3

Unfortunately, I still lack some pretty basic resources, but from memory ...

At the CMB temperature at creation, the Hawking mass of a black hole is close to the observable mass of the cosmos. True, check it yourself. That has to mean something. Morally, a CMB photon is not a randomly scattered thing from an LCDM history. It is Hawking radiation. And it is associated to a mirror fermion state, because supersymmetry says we can do that. So it might as well be a right handed neutrino, which has just the right mass to match the photon energy. 

This does not invalidate BBN empiricism, or other successes of classical cosmology, but one day quantum mechanics and the second law of thermodynamics will be taken more seriously. Black holes say they should be. Horizons at the boundary of the observable universe. Probably not a sphere, but chaotically filling spacetime. 

We probably want mirror matter on large scales to behave like DM, in whatever semiclassical GR picture works best. But it may do that in the form of black holes, or a few of Dungworth’s novel neutrino stars. There is no longer a good reason to look for WIMP type, or any local type, of particle. 

Mirror Matter 2

Like all great problems, the dark matter problem requires us to reconcile R=ct and LCDM. This can be done. Quantum inertia gives the former, covering the MOND solution on galactic scales. But on larger scales, mirror matter can look like LCDM dark matter, or rather, like black holes that approximate mirror states. In this way, we can use the black hole picture of Riofrio without getting stuck on the infinite c idea. As in the inhomogeneous picture.  

It fits the facts. The mirror spectrum is very well justified by ribbon diagrams for quantum gravity. Supersymmetry via the quantum Fourier transform, from SM fermions to bosons, is a natural way to kill off any remaining hopes for zombie susy partners.