Quantum Inertia gets Funding

Mike McCulloch of Quantum Inertia fame gets $1.3 million to study spacecraft propulsion!

“The controversial but fascinating proposal comes from physicist Mike McCulloch. He first proposed the idea way back in 2007, but now the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) – an agency of the U.S. Department of Defense – is getting involved, granting $1.3 million towards a four-year study into the concept. The research is being funded through DARPA’s Nascent Light-Matter Interactions program, whose stated purpose is to improve fundamental understanding of how to control the interaction of light and engineered materials.”

DARPA project in the news

Big Brother at Work

Big Brother is currently attempting to block a payment to Typepad for this blog, by fraudulently threatening my bank account internally, blocking my card, ignoring my phone calls, and then crashing my copy of the interent banking website. But I am sure some nice, honest qanon warrior will fix it for me, right?

Magic Motivic Tiles 3

Any two primes define a cone of the Pythagoras type. Observe how the prime powers correspond to words in a qutrit alphabet. 

60D19A96-1B21-457C-97A5-6F9F46EDFD59Here we have substituted the number 1 for X, which is an affinization of the homogeneous monomials. Y is p and Z is the prime q. Given any number in any cone, like the number 18 in our picture, the reverse cone intersects the number cone in a rectangular block of arbitrary dimension, because the dimension depends on the number of prime factors. This block, marked in brown, contains precisely the set of divisors of the number 18. 

Magic Motivic Tiles 2

Let us look now at the cone for the primes 2 and 5. 


Once again, the downward left diagonals are sequences of doublings. The downward right diagonals are now sequences of multiples of 5. In other words, we build cones out of geometric sequences. 

Observe the left most little black arrows: 3, 6, 12, 24. These are of course divisible by 3, coming from the powers of 2: 1, 2, 4, 8. Similarly, the right most little black arrows give powers of 5. If you divide all the black numbers by 3, you obtain a second copy of the same cone!

Magic Motivic Tiles


We have seen that the tetractys tiles the magic plane in motivic quantum gravity. Let us label the left hand edge by powers of 2 and the right hand edge by powers of 3. Along horizontal lines we add the number from the vertex above, in analogy to Pascal’s triangle. Although the triangle extends indefinitely, the tetractys cap carries a total of 84 objects. This magic triangle also encodes multiplication:

12 = 4 x 6 / 2, 18 = 6 x 9 / 3

24 = 8 x 12 / 4, 36 = 12 x 18 / 6, 54 = 18 x 27 / 9

Now look at the diagonal sequence 2, 6, 18, 54. This also arises from sums involving the vertex to the left: +4 then +12 then +36. Similarly for the diagonal sequence 4, 12, 36. These diagonals are sequences of triplings, just as the diagonals that run downwards right to left are clearly doubling sequences. The cone includes all numbers built from powers of 2 and 3. 

Newton at Giza

Let us discuss the so called coincidence between the latitude of Giza and the speed of light in metres per second.


To a professional scientist, or any other closed minded person, the idea that these two numbers could be the same is utterly ludicrous, because the physical SI units are supposed to be somewhat arbitrary. But are they? The use of 60 as a cycle of time is very ancient, and the pyramids are known to model both the Earth and astronomical information, mathematically.

The metre, on the other hand, was initially defined in the 18th century as one millionth of the meridian distance from the equator to the pole. Today, it is officially defined by the distance light travels in the fraction one in 299792458 of a second. Who chose that number? Maybe the whole thing is a ruse of Google. Let us discard that hypothesis for now. Even if this exact number was chosen in 1960 for a laugh, or for the purposes of mind control, the group who chose it must have known there was a real connection to the pyramids (which is of course the case, in a world run by Big Brother, aka the cabal). The factors of ten (between the latitude and the speed) pretty much disappear when you replace meters by Earth distances, considering the original definition of the metre. A single remaining factor of ten is easily accommodated by conventions on angles, perhaps between 360 degrees and 36 degrees, although in this story, nothing is arbitrary. 

As it happens, Isaac Newton knew that the great pyramid was a scaled copy of the Earth. He sent someone to measure the sacred cubit in order to help him think about his speed of light theory (far predating the concept of photon) and determine the universal law of gravitation. Unfortunately, good measurements of the great pyramid were unavailable to him at the time. 

The mathematical perfection of the pyramid strongly suggests that the ancients knew both (i) the value of the speed of light and (ii) a quantum theory of gravity, which renders all units of measurement canonical. Nikola Tesla appears to have known this. If the metre encodes the equator pole distance, then the latitude at Giza represents the time of light travel. The great pyramid is then not merely a scaled copy of the Earth, but is designed to resonate with the electromagnetic structure of the Earth, whatever that means. 

Isaac Newton

Speed of Light

Giza measurements