How it’s done 19

Do I really believe that everyone figured out quantum gravity last year sometime, just because they are saying so now (without providing any hard evidence)? In the past, I may well have been criminally naive, but no longer. And I am not going to blame the devil for the crimes of traffickers, still trying to evade their fate. (That includes you, Big Brother). A good witch knows how to forgive and to love, but still keeps fighting for the cause, no matter what. 

How it’s done 18

Imagine living in a world where you expect to get credit for all your work. Difficult, yes, but some people actually live in this state of mind. When confronted with a witch who has ideas, it is essential that they inform the witch that they already knew all about the ideas, although of course there is no solid evidence that this was the case. This is not always a case of blatant theft. Often, the idea of a witch making a difference creates so much cognitive dissonance in the privileged mind that it creates the necessary false memories to justify its decisions. The brain really works that way. 

So how do we break down the barrier? Where do we even start?

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Look closely at the University logo. Chances are, the page is fake. This morning I was asked to update an incomplete academic job application here. Of course, I never used to receive emails of that nature at all, but fraudulent requests for information ... that is another story.