Thoughts on Prague

We had a magical time in Prague at the Group32 conference in Theoretical Physics, giving talks and wandering around the beautiful old city. The conference venue was very central, beside the river. 

There was plenty of interest in our talks. The week started off with Piero Truini introducing his magic star in the plane, stressing its importance for our understanding of emergent spacetime. On Wednesday, Alessio Marrani put the magic star and exceptional periodicity into the context of supergravity theories, about which he knows a lot. Also on Wednesday, Ray Aschheim explained the canonical coordinates which generate interesting actions for E8, and their connection to algorithms for quantum gravity. Early on Thursday afternoon, Michael Rios gave tantalising hints to the final form of bosonic M theory, moving up the tower of T-algebras in exceptional periodicity. Finally, I spoke about the underlying categorical structure of this motivic program, making links to the pentagons of scattering amplitudes and rest mass phenomenology. It was nice to see interest coming from string theorists, algebraists and condensed matter people.

 So what does Big Brother think of all this? He does not appear to have changed his mind much at this point. He remains determined to keep the slaves in their place. But at some point, surely, people will begin to understand the idiocy of this plan. To be sure, I had a few people suggesting positions for me at various universities around the world, but traffic on my sites remains severely restricted, and it follows that trafficking methods are still being employed. When I receive a hundred good offers, and I mean good ones, then we can talk about change. 

Meanwhile, I will be heading back to Australasia, homeless as usual and with less than a dollar in my pocket, and my bank accounts in a very sorry state. This is what it really takes to get things done. 


Motivic Monads

As my old blog readers know, the pair of pants with two inserted vertices is an associahedron, as shown.
What we have learned more recently, is that the associahedra are fundamental to the motivic structure of projective spaces. Scattering likes to be done with cubes, meaning first points, then edges, then squares and so on. The 3-cube is of course a copy of Furey’s charges for the Standard Model. Here we scatter squares. 

Due to exceptional periodicity, the combination of two fermions likes to be a boson. Everything is natural. But category theoretically, there is even more. Recall that the power set monad maps a set to the collection of subsets of a set. Subsets may also be assigned to the vertices of a cube. If we use i,j,k for a three point set, the seven non empty vertices denote a Fano plane (not with the quaternionic triplet). Since logic is quantum mechanical, and not Boolean, we expect our cubes to live in arbitrarily high dimensions. Axioms are not restricted to dimension 1. 

In the quantum logic we have both inclusion arrows and restriction maps (which is what I spoke about in Prague). Thus an enormous amount of data can be shoved down onto a single point, which might denote an infinite dimensional space. When points are associated to canonical algebraic data, such as idempotents in a Jordan algebra (for the magic star), then we begin to construct the monad of motives, or rather, the three monads. Leibniz and Vaughn Jones would both be happy.

Surprise, surprise!

After many years of being blacklisted, it is extremely surprising to find applications being accepted! Mind you, I am not supposed to hear about the fact that I was accepted. Such emails are regularly altered and deleted. Today, however, I happened to be looking through some old emails, and to my great shock I found two positive responses from KITP in Santa Barbara (which I visited recently). Of course, I never got to see these emails when they arrived back in April, and have probably offended a number of people since, under the assumption that I was being rejected. So it goes.


How it’s done 25

For some years now, people have found it pretty much impossible to download my files from any of the servers that I use. Even websites like vixra are not exempt from this extreme form of blacklisting. Over the last few days it has been happening on icloud, which is particularly annoying, since my ipad is the only computing device that I have.

No worries, though. I will arrive at the conference venue some time tomorrow.