For Turtle Island

Unsurprisingly, I am unable to comment on ohwilleke’s blog this morning. An error message. And comments on the ribbon post here are now closed. So in answer to the question: it is very difficult to give good references to this body of work, although my old blogs are still there. As I have said, my computer problems are so Orwellian that it would be foolish of me to naively trust anything I see online, or anything that happens as a result of online communication, which is pretty much anything. Presumably, other people have the same problems.

Quantum Gravity Research

I have been visiting Quantum Gravity Research here in Los Angeles for the last ten days, and we have been making good progress on quantum gravity. Michael Rios and I finally met in person. The weather was fantastic, and there were fun outings to Hollywood, Santa Monica, UCLA and San Francisco. Tonight I head back to New Zealand. Who knows what the future holds.

Closeted in America


This is one of many examples of the difficulties I am having here (in America) trying to figure out how to set up my ipad for my first talk. Orwell is definitely present, as of course I suspected. More on this later. And of course I maximised my debt just to get here, buying adapters, cables and other essentials, so my situation is now even more dire than it was, which was no doubt part of the traffickers’ plans all along. 

How it’s done 17

You might think that discreditation is all about fake websites and viral rumours. Think again.

A real trafficker will construct ‘proof’ for their version if events. If they have good control of the network, as we have learned already, then past events can be arbitrarily altered to suit the story. Hard to argue with that, huh? Consider, for instance, the following saga.

The witch is always desperate for help, but the army of abusers like to keep it away from her. One day she receives a positive email. By now she is so suspicious of all her emails that she doesn’t believe a word of it. Besides, the Orwellian irregularities accompanying the message cannot seriously be ignored. But the witch cannot turn down any offer, even the one and only offer that is being forced on her. So the witch accepts. After all, maybe everything will be all right again, finally. 

It is immediately apparent to the witch that people think she is an idiot for agreeing to the deal, although how they all know or what they say is a complete mystery to her. But she must take opportunities when they come, and these mockers clearly don’t have the foggiest clue what is going on.

What will happen? The witch espies some suspicious information that really wasn’t there a month ago (although the electronic date stamps indicate otherwise). After some serious thought, having now a great deal of experience with the traffickers, the witch thinks she knows what the scam is. It’s the same scam it always is, taken to a new level. Discreditation and theft. The construction of a narrative that no casual reader will ever question.

But the witch still has no choice. She cannot give up hope entirely. Maybe, in 2018, somone else will be watching. Yes, it might well be so. So she carries on, although the risks now are very great indeed.