Motivic QG update

We start by studying the magic star.

The centre of the star carries, first of all, the e6 Lie algebra. But being motivically minded, we would like to see e6 hiding in the combinatorial data attached to the plane. Let us begin by blowing up a central point, meaning blow ups to further tetractys tiles. Now the magic star look like this:


which is nice, because the hexagon in the middle of the star is labeled with the 78 paths shown above, giving the dimension of e6, whose polytope is somehow drawing itself. Now we need to understand why the single node at the centre of the hexagon disappears, when the three lines braid instead of intersecting.

Orwell at Paypal

All those years that I attempted to report abuse and human trafficking methods to the Police, and they could allegedly ignore it all on the (false) grounds that no one was interfering in financial matters. But what the hell, Big Brother. Try it. Go on. The banks and financial experts might actually desert you at last. I cannot imagine they will be happy.


Dear Big Brother

I know, I know. You really want me to complain about the children throwing rocks and bibles at my tent here in Te Atatu. (And to think, I have two tents now! Room for guests!) But the prompt arrival of the council men scared the poor things enough already. Even they will be able to detect a level of surveillence that makes them extremely uncomfortable. 

Orwell makes it easy

“That’s a very unusual charge”, he said, frowning at the monitor before him. The woman beside him shrugged. “That’s what it says”, she said. The price was down to 70 US dollars, just a little more than I had left on the NZ credit card. A few minutes earlier, the price had started out at 600 dollars, gone down to 100 for a moment, and in the morning back in the city it was set at 800. But I told them I did not have the money, and the price miraculously changed before their eyes. So we all get what we want this time, I suppose.