Assistance for the Targeted

Most people are incredibly nasty, although none of them ever explains why they think you deserve to be treated that way. The gossip must be true, right? But then some people actually consider giving some form of assistance, perhaps because they are family, and have just realised that they have allowed you to be abused for decades without lifting a finger, or perhaps because they have autistic children, or whatever. But then they cannot figure out what kind of help to give. They don’t listen to what you say. After all, you are clearly an idiot in need of some guidance. The gossip must be true, right? So let us list a few items of GENUINE assistance for targeted scientists, which anyone is free to consider.

  1. Investigate the criminal mobbing methods of the Academic Inquisition and their IT support network (and no, they are not merely in the business of Quality Control).
  2. Find a good human rights lawyer to listen to the case (actually, even a bad one would do).
  3. Phone as many agencies as possible, such as the police, to report alleged CRIMES (not false mental health issues) on behalf of the targeted, who cannot go to the police.
  4. Financial assistance without conditions, to prevent starvation, serious illness, possibly death and exposure.
  5. Throw out every book and website you ever read about mental health conditions.
  6. Inform yourself.
  7. Inform yourself.
  8. Inform yourself.

Legal Options

Copyright of my thesis

Funny thing in Big Brother’s world, those copyright laws. He loves to use them against the poor, the good and the unaware. But as a legal point, sometimes targets also have copyright, as I do on my 2007 thesis about polytopes for scattering amplitudes, which no one cites (see link). Now for many years I had no idea how academia and others could possibly justify blatant theft and discrimination, which left me few options for approaching lawyers with an interesting case. Now, however, I know exactly what happened. And I know how to prove it beyond a shadow of a doubt. And any observant legal type who has been listening carefully through the gaps in the censorship can probably also figure it all out (so there is no gain in certain people trying to kill me in an attempt to silence me - just thought I should point that out).  

Big Brother may have won many battles, but he can only lose the war.

Homeless in a Brave New World

I had to take a cafe break from the tent today. It’s buried in snow. Not the best thing for a cheap Australian tent. Anyway, the cafe has wifi, but when I try to upload my new memoir, about my time in America, it has difficulties saving it. Just sits there thinking about it, on a few kb short of completing. I’ll wait a while. Maybe the white hats will come along and fix it. Of course, there are some people out there who really, really don’t want my story getting out there. I haven’t actually decided yet whether or not it should be made public. Maybe if life was a little better, I wouldn’t be so, so tempted. 




Another Letter to Big Brother

Dear Psychopaths

It was very amusing that you took my green card application so seriously even when you were unable to talk to me, contact me online, or obtain any money from me. I must admit, it would be nice to return to America for the fourth time this year, if I could, but I am rather busy at present being homeless here in New Zealand. Maybe you could take a look at a few of those serious postdoc positions, which would suit me nicely. Or you could offer me a nice permanent position somewhere, but you might want to consider first that I actually expect to be treated like a human being. Oh, the horror! 

Best wishes

Dr Marni Dee Sheppeard