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Why they will lose 6

Claim by social psychologist: up to %10 of men are abusers, of some form or other, and these men are likely to be charming and successful. Fact: theoretical physics is predominately the domain of successful males. Many related facts exist. Logical inescapable conclusion: there are abusers in the establishment of theoretical physics. (I can personally assure you that this is the case).

Time is up, even for you, dudes. The world can no longer afford to squander its scientific and other talent.

Why they will lose 5

The oppressors may have a powerful new weapon, the internet, but the internet also contains the seeds of their demise. Abuse cannot be hidden when everything goes on record. Sure, the truth does not always come out. People die without justice, and are forgotten. But an informed and watchful populace cannot be defeated: this is the only hard and fast rule of human society. 

Nobody wants a violent revolution. Nobody wants the war that the abusers plan on giving us. Historians note that revolutions are never inherently violent, often occuring when the armed forces stop fighting the people. The violence usually arises later, due to (i) the resistance of the oppressive state, (ii) the miscommunication of chaos and (iii) the naiveity of the new leaders.

Now any national security person with half a brain can see that this revolution is happening. Time is up for the abusers. So the only way they can do their job, which should be to defend the security of their country, is to quash the old power base before it regains control of the propaganda machine. 

Tips for targets 5

  1. Remember, the traffickers will only allow you to socialise with people who are bad for your health, and who don’t believe you. This is not what you need. You can do it alone.
  2. Don’t waste energy fighting unnecessary battles. Stick to the salient ones. Since punishment is inevitable, just take it as a cue to roll out those complaints.
  3. Yes, you are officially invisible. It’s not your imagination. A few visits to the police should settle the question for you. No need to check further.
  4. Being mentally ill doesn’t mean that you are wrong. When everybody wants you to think you are to blame for everything, chances are you are not.

Orwell meets the Devil 3

Oh, see how great the magnitude of this crime. See.

All these years I have been abused and starved and tortured, with the primary aim of preventing me from working on amplitudes, my stalkers have known perfectly well that my 2007 thesis (which is all my work) proves that perturbative string theory was the wrong approach to gravity. They were so determined to traffic me away from theoretical physics, or to kill me, that they brazenly allowed thousands upon thousands of academics to pursue an agenda that could never work. With my diseased mind, all I could do was blog about it, and hope that someone listened.

Oh, they were listening all right. They have quite a big industry going, monitoring everything a witch does and turning every one of her new ideas into a published paper written by someone else. Then they have to isolate the witch to make sure she never finds out what they are up to, taking control of all her internet activity. Of course they also run a huge discreditation program, using everything she says and does as proof that the witch never knew anything, and demonstrating with false evidence that the nasty witch is evil. The witch only realises this when adults start encouraging their children to throw rocks at her while she is lying down on the ground.

And all this time the witch is fighting insanity, because she can see that the amplitudes people are just not getting the point, and she knows she will probably die before they do. But she doesn’t realise why people hate her. The traffickers have made sure that she doesn’t find out that someone else is getting credit for her ground breaking thesis (until now). When she fails to protest, because she doesn’t even know the accusation, it is taken as further evidence of her guilt. When she attempts to revise the work, for the hundredth time, the traffickers quickly punish her. This is her first clue: any attempt to do theoretical physics is severely punished. But it takes years to figure it out, and she almost dies many times along the way.

Finally, in 2017, the amplitudes people figure out the importance of her work. But they do not cite her. By this time, the internet is openly hostile to the witch. The amplitudes people have pretty much given up on string theory now, recently, and have apparently forgotten that the witch spent over twenty years of her life suffering terribly because she knew that perturbative string theory was the wrong approach and was not afraid to say so publicly to many witnesses. But what can the witch prove. Remember that Orwell has been running around altering files and websites almost at will, to show that the witch never had any good ideas.

And now the Devil himself steps in with his master stroke, the subtlety of which only a great mathematician could appreciate: since string theory is obviously wrong, and now itself a target for ridicule, why not let everyone think that the witch always worked on string theory (twistor strings as opposed to operads, her subject). In the long run, if history is vaguely true, such a preposterous lie could not hold out. But what will happen now? The Devil and Orwell currently have a pretty good handle on history. People believe them. The mind-boggling waste of resources, pushing science down the wrong road for decades and killing off talent, is invisible to them. Who can even read what I write?

And that is merely my case. One of many. 


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Dear Employers

As Graham Dungworth points out, it is extremely difficult for people to email me without Big Brother’s permission. This has been the case for many years, and I can assure you that the authorities in my country have been thinking (at least until now) that cooperation with Big Brother is a good idea. 

So what do we do? With the post 2017 rush to employ women, even in Theoretical Physics ye gods, I can only assume that there must be thousands of institutions that would love to have such a brilliant scientist as myself (despite all the trauma) on their permanent staff. But how do you contact me? Big Brother is currently working on a new plan for my future, presumably along the same lines as the misery of the last twenty years, so we must somehow outwit him!

There are not a lot of options. You will have to send someone to meet me personally, and they will need to have a very good idea of my situation in order to be convincing. I know that costs a bit of money, given that I am in New Zealand, but surely it is worth it! 

Orwell at Google

What do you get, when you google associahedra and my name? 


One very dodgy site run by a string theorist. One deleted old paper that I wrote when I was completely insane. My vixra page. My old blog? No. Not here at the top. 

This is the way of Google searches. They give clues as to the thought patterns of the internet.