OK, Graham
Let’s try to be positive

Orwell meets the Devil himself

This post is dedicated to every little girl in the world who is forced to play housewife while her brothers are taught science. This is my story, in a nutshell. I am a fifty year old, sick homeless woman, currently enduring a relentless noreaster, and wondering if there exists a single person in my own country willing to listen to my story.

Much has happened since I started posting new quantum gravity papers in early November. (All of these papers were written by me). Not here on my blog of course, or not on my vixra page where the papers are posted, or on any of my other pages. No, rather, a flurry of interesting new papers has appeared on the arxiv, seemingly having no connection to my work, if you don’t look too closely. But now one really must ask: who are the people who rush to read everything I write? Often off my computer, before I even get a chance to post it? 

In 2006 I was giving talks on Operads in quantum field theory, at the University of Macquarie category theory seminar and at the Australian National University Morgan-Phoa workshop. While in Sydney, eack week I attended the category theory seminar. Just before I left Sydney to return to New Zealand, I was at a barbeque at Steve Lack’s house, chatting with Michael Batanin about operads, not knowing that this was the last peace that I would ever know.

The work developed slowly, and I gave further talks at the University of Canterbury, and later on at the University of Oxford. Unfortunately, little was written down at the time, except perhaps on my old blog Arcadian Functor, which has since been hacked so many times that its present state is questionable, or in my 2007 thesis, where it is quite clear that I understood the importance of categorical associahedra for scattering amplitudes. 

So in the November just past, a new Arkani-Hamed paper on associahedra appears online. Finally, now in 2018, everybody knows that special polytopes and operads underlie quantum gravity.

But my blog is quieter than ever, and the wind blows my tent harder than ever, and the last flu almost killed me. I have been starved and tortured and persecuted, without knowing why, until I should have died. Over and over. The human traffickers pulled every trick in their book, trying to force me to forget about the amplitudes, all those years that the Americans were working on them, and even still now. Somewhere, a man was being credited for all my work, and I was in no state of mind to do anything about it. There is really only one candidate, and he is not necessarily to blame for all this. This recent video on operads stars none other than Michael Rios, known as a long time follower of my old blogs. And all those years that I was being ignored, billions upon billions of dollars were wasted pursuing the string theory agenda at the expense of operads in the Standard Model. 

It is not yet clear whether such outsider academics actually exist or not. For all I know, Mike might well be an actor, appearing briefly in such videos for the sole purpose of writing history for the powers that be. Or he might be genuine, and the men who have been stalking me for over a decade may have borrowed his identity in order to write to me, no matter how many times I block the email addresses or report them to the police.

This video came to my attention after I received an invitation to visit a Quantum Gravity Research centre in the United States. Yes, a sad homeless woman, struggling uphill with her tatty suitcase, suddenly receives an invitation to give lectures and seminars in California. Mike’s profile appeared mysteriously on the site only after I protested in some way about the offer. I did not feel reassured. Of course this must have something to do with my recent spate of papers, because I have been a non entity for a very long time. But nobody seems to care about the new work, which is yet another important breakthrough in quantum gravity, which I have worked on for a decade: the neutrino CMB correspondence. But when nobody seems to care, while logic dictates that they must be interested, then somebody is clearly lying.

Somebody is telling me that I simply must visit the United States to lecture on my thesis work. Yes, I can just see how that would go. The theory has progressed a great deal since that time, and I could not possibly restrict my attention to a few old details, thereby further removing myself from the limelight. They played that trick on me at the University of Auckland, for four years, until I began to see what was going on, at which point they promptly got rid of me, and I fell down and almost died from starvation, again. 

The QG centre tells me that I can phone them to complete arrangements for my visit, but I cannot get through today because everybody is away. Funny thing that Facetime is working on my ipad anyway, because it wasn’t until last week. But this kind of thing always happens when the associahedra appear. The persecutors drop back, as if to make room for the idea stealers. As if his interests are theirs. 

Oh, Academia, how far you have fallen. Oh, America, if you are serious about justice for alien feminists, why not tell my country the truth. Or why not tell just one person the truth. I deserve an invitation from an institution whose existence is not in question. I deserve a job. A very good job (the IAS in Princeton will do). No more Tests, to see if the nasty, crazy bitches are compliant enough to be thrown a few crumbs. Time is up. Your reign is over. The world needs fixing, and the old ways just ain’t going to cut it.