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October 2018

Another Letter to Big Brother

Dear Psychopaths

It was very amusing that you took my green card application so seriously even when you were unable to talk to me, contact me online, or obtain any money from me. I must admit, it would be nice to return to America for the fourth time this year, if I could, but I am rather busy at present being homeless here in New Zealand. Maybe you could take a look at a few of those serious postdoc positions, which would suit me nicely. Or you could offer me a nice permanent position somewhere, but you might want to consider first that I actually expect to be treated like a human being. Oh, the horror! 

Best wishes

Dr Marni Dee Sheppeard

Today’s Letter

Dear Corrupt New Zealand Government
I cannot possibly agree to all these ludicrous obligations which you are asking me to sign (regarding work) when I have a MEDICAL CERTIFICATE. I can see that I will have to come into my appointment on Friday after all, even if it means hitchhiking there, to discuss this matter further with you. And NO, despite what you might think, I have NOT read these outrageous conditions before, because you keep wasting the tax payers’ money by changing this demonic slavery agreement regularly!
See you in person Friday,
Dr Marni D. Sheppeard