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December 2018

The Merry Go Round

It goes without saying that I have made complaints in the past to the agencies listed in the following email, many times. Funny, isn’t it. When the police or doctors or neighbours turn you away, it may just possibly be because they are deluded enough not to know how badly abused some scientists are. But when a Five Eyes agency does it, knowing full well what goes on ...



Big Brother in America

Letter to some residents of the United States

STOP EMAILING ME. No, I do not wish to discuss my ground breaking research with you. I have been doing this for decades. In return you have watched me being tortured, starved, ostracised, abused, made homeless, drugged and more. Perhaps you all think it’s funny. And, no, that was NOT an opportunity you all gave me, to be further abused. I know what side of history I am on.



Quantum Gravity Lesson 8

The anyon charges on the parity cube are naturally associated to the Bilson-Thompson ribbon diagrams for SM states, putting the SM into the world of quantum computation. Fibonacci anyons are useful in universal quantum computation, the process of constructing arbitrary gates from a few ingredients, using the braid group representations of the associated category.


Instead of a gauge group like SU(2), we start with the braid group, infinite but discrete.