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Getting the facts straight 3

Thanks to Tamieka Parigi for correcting my mistaken understanding of the original posts in this blurb. Here is the full picture:


I cannot view Mike McCulloch’s tweets on Twitter because we have blocked each other. He has obviously listened to a whole pile of falsehoods about me from Dude Planet, as well as being prejudiced against anyone with a history in mainstream physics. Here is the image I found on Google:


It is not clear whether or not McCulloch et al know why my work is not cited (deliberate sabotage, libel, abuse, stalking and malicious hacking, amongst other things, like mind control, threats, bribes, day to day misogyny, illuminati tactics to keep women out of science and plain idiocy). But it is clear that they collectively blames me for it, even though the statistical likelihood of so many people following a man’s papers for decades without ever citing anything is probably pretty low, if they don’t want to be accused of plagiarism.