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A Visit From Graham 2

Dispatches from Turtle Island

Post on CPT symmetry paper and comments by Graham Dungworth.


Poor Graham. He must have been quite disgusted to see the deletion of my name from the June 2010 posts at Galaxy Zoo, proving that all this censorship is an Inside Job, as they say. But this is not news to targeted individuals. I realised it had to be an Inside Job years ago, but only after years of denial, mental health issues etc. Facts are facts. Hopefully it is now a little clearer that I cannot get a job because (i) nobody gives me any credit for my groundbreaking work (the psychopaths get handed the rewards) and (ii) the libel is free flowing.

As for the paper mentioned in the linked post: it appeared on the arXiv in March 2018, which happens to be a few months after my neutrino cosmology papers from 2017, and a couple of weeks after my Los Angeles lectures. Well, I suppose it’s nice to see progress being made in cosmology, is it not?

I tried to add a comment below Graham’s comment, about the neutrino CMB correspondence, but the server or browser decided all of a sudden that I did not have access to my Google account, which is strange, because I do seem to have access to it on other apps on this iPad. I digress ...

What They Want You To Think 1

They want you to think that some rich guy from Malibu, in his house high up on the mountain, decided to invite me to the USA to give some lectures about the work I was doing back in 2005 and 2006. They film the lectures, which I prepared in my tent in Auckland while being abused by my government. (As my health temporarily improves, no more footage of me looking competent and intelligent ever sees the light of day). 

While I am there, of course I am working on the latest breakthroughs in quantum gravity, thinking primarily about my application of categorical principles to the neutrino CMB correspondence, which I worked on with Graham Dungworth for a decade before it began to gain some attention. But they want you to think this is all irrelevant. They want you to think that the enormous advances in stringy physics in 2018 had nothing at all to do with me, although I just happened to be here and there (in the US, Prague, Italy). 

Perhaps it’s time you considered the facts. Who is it you really get your opinions about me from? I can prove the answer to that question in a court. And I can also prove a few other things ...