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March 2019

Orwell at viXra

Many people think that vixra is a website where crazy people are perfectly free to upload whatever they want. False. My last preprint has been sitting on 13 reads for a while now. Last week it went up to 14 (at least on my ipad). But this morning someone made sure that it went down to 13 again. Can’t have people thinking that anyone actually reads my work, huh.


Orwell at Overleaf

Dear Dr Hammersley

The reason you could not charge me for my yearly subscription is that I no longer work in Los Angeles, and the VISA card and Wells Fargo accounts that you might know about may no longer exist. At least, I do not have access to them, and I was forced to abandon them. Moreover, access to this overleaf account was taken away from me (by the hacker stalkers) roughly one year ago, after I started writing a paper on rest masses in quantum gravity with Michael Rios and Raymond Aschheim, while in Los Angeles. Evidence has to be deleted, you know. Sorry to break the news to you. I thought that Overleaf was quite a nice platform to work on, but sharing valuable latex online is not something that targeted individuals would be advised to do in general. Just saying.


Dr Marni Dee Sheppeard