Quantum Gravity Lesson 42
Memories from Paris

A Visit to the Doctor

The mornings are cold now, so I was pleased when the nurse let me in to the waiting area as soon as she arrived. She even gave me a cup of tea. I sat there for a long time, until other people came in and filled up the room.

I saw that the community worker was there. She looked at me strangely and so I asked her why she hadn’t replied to my recent emails.

”You never wrote to me about the appointment”, she said. “I was wondering why.”

I looked at her calmly. “I see”, I said. “So you never got any emails from me recently?”

”No”, she exclaimed. “I was waiting to hear from you”. 

I pulled out my ipad and showed her the Sent folder on the default ipad mail app. The last email to her was sitting their tidily, looking perfectly normal.

”So you never received this then?” I asked her. 

She looked at it, then up at my face, and then back at the ipad. “No! Not at all.”

I sighed. “Don’t worry about it. Just my stalkers deleting my emails, as usual. Not much I can do about it.”

And we left it at that, agreeing that maybe she would email me later to keep in touch.