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Big Brother’s Laundry Business

Due to the success of the #MeTooSTEM movement on Twatter, people have been treating me a bit better lately. One kind female scientist from America even offered to send me some hard cash, which I could certainly use on groceries and other necessities that I don’t have. But accepting cash (short of a million dollars) is a tricky business, because my meagre income depends on me being as poor as possible. If anyone handed me a large wad of cash, a minute later someone would phone the Ministry to report it, cutting me off and making me homeless once again. So I told the lady not to pay me directly, but to make a contribution to my debt, which is of course killing me slowly. Now, most businesses have no problem accepting money, right?


I mean, you present the correct details, and they take the money. But in my case, it frequently happens that people refuse to accept money, if that’s what Big Brother wants. The funny thing about this particular case is that the business in question is called the Internal Revenue Department. Yes, the government.