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Big Brother’s Laundry Part II

So the lovely female scientist told me that it was only a limit on her credit card that was preventing the payment to the Internal Revenue payment, and then she made a payment. But she asked that I check whether or not it went through.

So I tried. First, I attempted to set up an online IRD account, using my tax file number. Then I phoned from a local phone box. The automated voice service said that my account was now active. I decided to stay on hold to ask about the payment that they should have received. The automated voice service said that there was only a ten minute waiting time, but I stood there listening to the stupid music for about half an hour before I gave up. Then I tried to log on to my new online account. But first I had to set up a password. There was no screen on my browser for doing this, so eventually I just hit the ‘forgot password’ button and tried that way. The IRD website then informed me that I was locked out of my account due to too many log in attempts. They said I should phone them.