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Introduction to Quantum Gravity

Everyone will be able to learn quantum gravity. It is not at all difficult. But the mathematical details are important for technology. Here is a collection of introductory posts about the new theory, for the general reader.

Matter, Space and Time

Electrons, neutrinos and quarks as knot diagrams

Neutrinos and the CMB Sky

Coordinates and Polytopes

Number Theory for Physics

Category theory: from lattices to ribbons

CERN Corrections Required

Dear CERN. I am NOT affiliated with the CSIRO. I am not affiliated with ANY institution at all, because I have not received a serious job offer EVER in theoretical physics. Please correct this error immediately. And I have a question: what does “temporary record” mean? You’re suggesting that some records get to disappear after a while? Just wondering, because it has happened before, when you deleted my supersymmetry paper record.


Neutrino Update

The latest results from OPERA warranted a comment at Turtle Island, but of course Google would not allow it. (I have been attempting for months to get my Google account verified, but whoever is in charge of it won’t let that happen). Anyway, as far as I can tell from their exclusion plots, they have not definitely excluded the 1eV sterile. Only a less likely candidate.