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Big Brother Update

I lost many files when they deleted all my iBooks pdfs back in January, just after I arrived in Christchurch. And where I am now the pirate websites are all blocked, and of course I have not had journal access since last year. Many old papers remain behind impossible paywalls, and I cannot replace them when they get deleted from my devices. 

Big brother, it only encourages me.


Dear Colleagues

I don’t know if you are out there or not. Maybe you actually sent me a decent, meaningful email, without demanding that I work for you for nothing while you say bad things behind my back. Maybe. But there is not much chance that I will receive the email. After over a decade of this, the police do nothing, the law does nothing and people do nothing. I continue to write this blog as a matter of keeping a record, although I know perfectly well that Big Brother can go back and alter anything later on (as Graham recently witnessed). Everyone thinks I should give up. After all, it isn’t easy to work without the usual resources. No library access, no computer, no heating, no printing money, little food, and so on. But this is my life.

It would have been nice working with some of you, but it just isn’t possible if you are going to deny that this stuff happens. It happens. These kind of stories are now very well documented and cannot be denied by any informed person. Anyway, it’s a beautiful autumn day here in Christchurch and I will carry on ...

CERN Corrections Required

Dear CERN. I am NOT affiliated with the CSIRO. I am not affiliated with ANY institution at all, because I have not received a serious job offer EVER in theoretical physics. Please correct this error immediately. And I have a question: what does “temporary record” mean? You’re suggesting that some records get to disappear after a while? Just wondering, because it has happened before, when you deleted my supersymmetry paper record.